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About Beach Hut Fudge

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Hello Everyone, so 'Beach Hut Fudge' came about last year in 2020 when our shop 'The Beach Hut' had to close!

We have a sea side shop opposite the pier in Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset, selling #handmade cut fudge and local Somerset cider.

We are a family run business, my dad John, opened his first shop over 25 years ago and now myself Holly and my Brother Tom run the business with him, so we spend a lot of time together packing fudge!

We stock over 30 flavours of fudge and this keeps growing all the time, so no doubt this number will soon be out of date! We stock Gluten Free Fudge, Vegan Fudge and flavours that you might not have tried before, like Mince Pie and Bubblegum to name a few. The classics of course, are Clotted Cream and Sea Salt Caramel, which as you can imagine sell all day long.

So in lock down we decided that as the customers couldn't come to us, we would look at going to our customers, so i started researching and found some boxes, but i wanted to make them extra special, so started doing lid labels for people to personalise. So we have Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Birthday, Lock Down Treat, Thinking of you, Enjoy your fudge, and the range will continue to grow. Working on Mother's Day as that is the next occasion coming up. We also offer a free handwritten note that goes inside the boxes. We offer a range of build your own boxes and our best seller taster boxes are very popular too. Please follow us to keep updated with all the latest products and gift boxes.


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