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*Please note that we are unable to guarantee that your fudge box will arrive on a specific date, as it totally depends on Royal Mail's delivery service. This is the reason we offer the option to pick the date you would like us to send it and not when you would like them to receive it.



Biscoff Biscuit Fudge

Biscoff (1.6%) Sugar, Full cream condensed Milk, Glucose syrup, Sustainable palm fruit oil, Butter (Milk), Salt, Wheat Flour, Candy sugar, Syrup, Rising agent, Sodium Carbonates, Cinnamon.
Energy: 1737.3kj/413.24kcal, Fat: 12.11g, Saturates: 8.21g, Carbohydrate: 74.95g, Sugars: 68.5g, Fibre: g, Protein: 2.04g, Salt: 0.69g



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