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Box of 12 (400grms)

2 Options:


Option 1 - 12 best seller box Box contains:


2-Belgian Chocolate

3-Banana Swirl

4-Fudge Ice


6-Clotted Cream


8-Lemon cheesecake

9-Death by Chocolate

10-Orange and Chocolate

11-Sea Salt Caramel

12-Strawberry and Cream


Option 2 - Build your own Box. Flavours to choose from are -


2-Banana Swirl

3-Belgian Chocolate




7-Cherry and Almond

9-Clotted Cream

10-Coconut Ice

11-Coffee and Cream

13-Fudge Ice

15-Lemon Cheesecake


17-Maple and Walnut


19-Mint and Chocolate

20-Orange and Chocolate


24-Rum and Raisin

25-Sea Salt Caramel

26-Strawberry and Cream

28 - Turkish Delight



Please type either the 12 numbers or the 12 names you would like in your box


NOT gluten Free are - Oreo, Biscoff

This box contains 400grms in total.

This is a letter box gift so doesn't need to be signed for

Free Delivery

All are suitable for Vegetarians


The Fudge is continuously made, so the Best Before dates will vary, but you will have (at the very least) 1 month to consume

ORDERING FOR CHRISTMAS 🎄 we have had a new batch of fudge made especially for the lead up to Christmas so the dates on them are very long so no need to worry


*Please note that we are unable to guarantee that your fudge box will arrive on a specific date, as it totally depends on Royal Mail's delivery service. This is the reason we offer the option to pick the date you would like us to send it and not when you would like them to receive it.

Box of 12 (400grms)

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